We had an unusual request a few months back. One of our “commercial” customers needed repairs on a space vehicle. Fortunately their vehicle was not in orbit or on the Moon at the time, but docked at their facility here on planet Earth.

Since the L.E.M. is a rather vintage piece of equipment our customer was having trouble finding a suitable replacement for two of the main cockpit displays making it impossible to put the vehicle back into service. Apparently it is near impossible to land the L.E.M. blind. Hard on the vehicle and potentially disastrous for the pilots. We had to find a solution the would allow this vintage space vehicle to fly again.

After analyzing the problem we designed a solution. We would use state-of-the-art 4K display technology and interface the two displays with the current computer graphics cards all without having to replace existing hardware or software. After a rather nerve wracking procedure of fitting, re-fitting, and testing, the operation was a success! The L.E.M. flies again!

Lunar Excursion Module

If you visit the Joliet Area Historical Museum you can test your skills at landing on the Moon. There are many other great exhibits to behold.

An no, we don’t make house calls on the Moon. For the time being we are tethered to Mother Earth. I’m afraid of heights anyway.

Home Control Works Repairs Lunar Excursion Module!

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