Here in the Midwest we can’t wait for the next season…. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Most of can find something we like about each season. There is nothing that compares to Spring. We’re excited to see the first buds on the trees, the first flowers, green grass, and the prospect of finally being able to spend time outdoors in the midst of all that beauty. Are you ready?

One of our favorite things to do is spend time on our patio listening to some great music on a sunny afternoon. Since music is and has always been a large part of our lives, having a great outdoor sound system is a must. The ability to stream music from our collections on our Fusion Research Music Server, listen to Pandora, or take in a ballgame noise-free (sure beats AM radio!) from one of the thousand’s of streaming radio stations is easy thanks to both custom (RTI – Remote Technology Incorporated) and several non-custom (Yamaha MusicCast for example) user interfaces presented on both our iPad and iPhone. It’s easy to change what we’re listening, change the volume and tailor the experience to our mood.

Want to watch the ballgame as well as listen? We have an outdoor HD Video connection that can bring an outdoor TV to life. Whether it’s the ballgame or a favorite movie from your Fusion Research Movie Server outdoor viewing adds another dimension to your experience.

But music isn’t the only audio delight. We have three fountains we can select based on our mood. We positioned two smaller fountains to produce a nice, open stereo effect of running water similar to a babbling brook. Off in the distance is a large 4-tiered fountain that enhances the effect. All controlled by our iPad or iPhone.

The fun doesn’t stop there. When dusk is near our backyard paradise comes to life via our outdoor lighting features. Path lights guide the way. Overhead light strings provide a festive glow. Trees are lit from both below to accentuate their beauty and within to produce a moonlight effect. We use Coastal Source products to achieve our lighting ambiance. Coastal source produces the finest outdoor lighting and audio products on the market. well worth their cost for reliability and longevity.

No matter what your desires or budget Home Control Works can design an outdoor space you will enjoy for seasons to come. Our mission is to make your home work for you. Contact us to discover how.

It’s Spring! Are you ready for Summer?
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