With our extensive knowledge of electronic systems, construction techniques, and project management we can provide Consulting Services for your project. We can manage the Design Process, provide technical expertise in the selection of systems and components that best fit your needs, or we can act as a go-between with you, your contractors and your vendors. This service is especially helpful for busy professionals that would rather spend their precious time with family or building their own businesses.

We have the perfect prescription for those annoying construction headaches. Contact us today!

Tip: A Consultant can save you both Time and Money by providing knowledge and experience so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

To the Integrator….

Not enough time to engineer the job? Don’t have the expertise for a particular design? Stuck in the weeds on a project? Need another pair of eyes? We can help!

We have worked with other integration companies for over 9 years for all of the reasons above and more. Engineering is the basis for what we love…. making people happy by designing and implementing systems that simply and elegantly meet their needs. There are many ways to design a system. With our extensive engineering background we can offer suggestions that maximize value for your end customer. We can help guide you through the implementation of new technologies. We can provide another set of eyes when tackling difficult technical issues. We can work along side your company or in the background as a consultant or silent partner. Your choice. Call us today!

To the Business Owner….

Need assistance with new technology? Need help picking the right approach? Want another pair of eyes to evaluate vendor quotes? We can help!

Owning and running a business is not for the faint of heart. We know, because we are business owners. All successful business owners possess the knowledge and expertise to run their business. Unless their business is technology-based they may not have the tools to successfully navigate change. We have successfully assisted a number of business owners over the years that needed to pivot to new technology, handle expansion projects, or get back on track with their specific technical needs. Successful business owners tend to have egos that may sometimes drive them to bite off more than they can chew. When it comes to technology, it’s easy to get into the weeds if you don’t have the particular expertise required to execute a plan. We can help pull you out of the weeds and back onto solid ground. Call us for help. We understand. We ARE business owners.

To the Home Owner….

Running a household is much like running a business. All of the points for the Business Owner apply. That’s why we named our company Home Control Works / Home Control Consultants. Home is where you spend the bulk of your time. It’s also a double entendre…. Home Control Works! With the right guidance you can make technology work for you. The key is to pick the right technology, as well as the right amount of technology that actually fits your needs. From simple security and entertainment systems to home theaters, whole-house audio/video/lighting/control over multiple locations, we can provide guidance on how to reach your dreams. Call us today. We’d love to dream with you.