The ability to monitor and control access to your residence is reassuring. Traditional Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems protect both lives and property. Video cameras can be placed in all areas of the residence, enabling the user to view images on local displays locally and securely over the internet. All systems can be monitored remotely including iPad and Smart Phone (iPhone & Android) applications. Coupled with a lighting system, your residence can be made more visible in the event of an emergency.

Home Control Works will design and install a system that is specific to your needs. We are licensed and have years of experience in the design, installation and upkeep of your alarm systems. We routinely use active and retired Law Enforcement personnel to consult in the design of your alarm systems to both maximum effectiveness and value for you!

Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems

At Home Control Works we use only the finest quality proven products for our burglar and fire alarm solutions whether residential or commercial. There are 3 components to our alarm systems: The Alarm Panel, Keypads & Communicator (DSC) on premises, the Central Station Monitoring company (C.O.P.S. Monitoring), and the App Platform (

DSC products are at the heart of our alarm systems. Their Keypads, Key Fobs, and Sensors are the parts of your Alarm System that you see, touch, and interact with. DSC has been a leader in the industry since 1979 producing both premises products and communication products used in central stations around the world.

C.O.P.S. Monitoring is the central station we use to monitor your alarm system and dispatch police, fire, and medical departments when you have an alarm event. Rated #1 in the industry C.O.P.S. has 6 networked national monitoring stations that back up each other in the event of a regional catastrophic event. is the platform we use to provide the App that allows you to access your alarm system anywhere in the world 24/7 365 days a week. Not only do you have the ability to alarm/disarm your system remotely but you have the ability to view doorbell and video cameras, open/close garage doors, turn on/off lighting, change your thermostat settings, and much, much more. You also have the ability to receive push messages on your smart phone from events such as a video doorbell press, alarm system arm/disarming (such as when a loved one comes home), and many other events. From the App you can control who has access to your residence or place of business on a permanent or temporary basis.

Video Surveillance Systems

At Home Control Works we use only the finest quality proven products for our video surveillance solutions whether residential or commercial. There are 2 components to our surveillance systems: The Cameras and Recorder on premises or in the cloud, and the App Platform.

The lines between these components are often blurred depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers provide only the cameras and recorders. Other manufacturers provide cameras, recorders, Apps and Cloud storage. The decision as to which products we use is based on specific requirements we derive based on our analysis of your needs. Together with our engineering expertise we employ industry consultants with experience in Law Enforcement and covert surveillance. Our consultants have experience in Local (city & county), State, and Federal (FBI) surveillance so you can be assured that the solutions we design for you are optimal in effectiveness and value.

Home Control Works is fully insured and licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. We are required by law to list our license number when advertising our security and video camera systems.

Private Alarm Contracting Agency License # 127-001420

Tip: Beware of contractors that advertise alarms and video camera systems that do not include a license. For your protection always ask for a copy of a contractor’s license and insurance. Better to be safe than sorry!