The ability to monitor and control access to your residence is reassuring. Traditional Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems protect both lives and property. Video cameras can be placed in all areas of the residence, enabling the user to view images on local displays and securely over the internet. All systems can be monitored remotely including iPad and Smart Phone (iPhone & Android) applications. Coupled with a lighting system, your residence can be made more visible in the event of an emergency.

Home Control Works is fully insured and licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. We are required by law to list our license number when advertising our security and video camera systems.

Private Alarm Contracting Agency License # 127-001420

Tip: Beware of contractors that advertise alarms and video camera systems that do not include a license. For your protection always ask for a copy of a contractor’s license and insurance. Better to be safe than sorry!