Integrity + Sophistication + Elegance + Simplicity = Our Design Goals for Your Lifestyle System

The origins of Home Control Works and Home Control Consultants come from a cross-pollination of engineering and artistry. The engineering aspect is rooted in the development of real-time control and computer systems designed for industrial control, monitoring, and testing applications. Some of our engineering roots can be found on the Komar Associates Inc website ( The artistic aspect comes from our founder and CEO, Mr. Ben Komar. His love of music, film, the arts, and historic structures drives the design concepts we specialize in.

Mr. Komar has been involved in systems engineering for over 30 years. His love of music (guitar & voice) and the arts extends back over 40 years. Together they form the basis for a technology-fueled and artistically-driven design and install firm that has the ability to both listen to and act upon your desires in the creation of your lifestyle systems. We want to make your home work for you!

We don’t have geeky little outfits or cute, little rounded cars with logos on them and we don’t spend millions of dollars on commercials, parachuting out of planes. What we do have are experienced professionals that provide excellent, personal service and stand behind our work. We provide and install the best products we can source in every class, and we make sure they make sense for your project. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need but we will offer you the best you can afford at a great value with a name and face behind it.

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