We’ve been testing the DVR+ for about 6 months as of this post. It just continues to get better with each firmware release.

With the advent of internet streaming and increased abundance of both movie and TV content available from a variety of services, Cable/Satellite cord-cutting has gotten a lot of attention the past couple of years.

However, one of the problems with cord-cutting is being able access local and network TV programming without subscribing to cable or satellite.

One option is to dump cable/satellite and go back to the "old fashion way" of accessing TV shows, via an antenna. All TVs that have built-in tuners can receive over-the-air signals, but one feature that they lack that cable/satellite offers is DVR functionality. However, that is not a problem anymore as Channel Master has introduced a DVR that is designed specifically for those receive their TV programs over the air – The DVR+ TV Antenna DVR

Channel Master DVR+ Product Overview:

The features and specifications of the DVR+ include:

1. Official Model Number: CM-7500GB16.

2. Dual Tuner DTV/HDTV receiver combined with DVR functionality.

3. 16 GB built-in flash memory storage that provides up to 2 hours of HD recording (can also pause live TV). Expandable storage via optional compatible external hard drives. There is no brand or size restriction indicated – However, Channel Master does offer both a 1TB and 3TB option.

4. Can record incoming signal resolutions up to 1080p.

5. No monthly DVR subscription fees.

6. Internet access via wired Ethernet/LAN connection or optional USB WiFi Adapter to network router.

7. Access to downloadable firmware updates via internet or USB flash drive.

8. Video output resolutions include: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. Video up or downscaling provided for the selected output resolution. HDMI video output options.

9. Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and PCM audio support via mini-Digital Optical (examples/compare prices), or standard HDMI output connections.

10. Can record one channel while watching another channel at the same time, or can record two channels at once (with external hard drive attached). Recording function can activate even if DVR+ is in standby mode.

11. Access to Vudu streaming service (more to be added).

12. Electronic Program Guide (EPG) powered by Rovi.

13. Wireless Programmable Remote Control Provided.

14. Compatible with Slingbox 500 for streaming DVR+ content to other devices not physically connected to the DVR+.

via Channel Master DVR+ Model CM-7500GB16 Review.

Channel Master DVR+ Model CM-7500GB16 Review

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