Answer: When it’s an Electric Mirror. Here’s a question for all you Interior Designers out there. How many of you would just LOVE to see a 60″ Ultra High Definition TV on ANY room you design? Raise your hands. I don’t see any hands.

Most Interior Designers would LOVE it if they NEVER saw another flat screen TV on any wall, let alone a wall in a room they spent time meticulously designing for our favorite client. But our client just has to have a TV in the room. Solution? How about a mirror (TV)?

For those of us who like to multi-task it just makes us feel good if we can start the day grooming and grooving at the same time. Catch the early news, the last 10 minutes of your favorite show you nodded off to last night, or chill out with a meditation video to calm the start of the day.


Shave, shower and show? Here you go!


You get the idea. Call us to see how we can help you and your Interior Designer see eye to eye on that new room AND a new TV. After all, at Home Control Works we make your home work for YOU!

When is a mirror not just a mirror?
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