So I’ve been looking for a great mechanic to work on my favorite (read old and well loved) car. The first thing I look for is a recommendation from someone I trust. The next thing I’m interested in are certifications. I just found a guy with an A.S.E. Master Tech certification of 35 years. Sweet! Just the guy I want working on my baby.

So you’re looking for an AV company to create the Home, Home Theatre or Media Room of your dreams. After you get a recommendation from someone you trust, what else do you look for? That’s where CEDIA comes in.

CEDIA stands for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. CEDIA is the Gold Standard when it comes to anything AV. It’s a great place to not only FIND a professional AV company but also to check certifications for that company.

We are a CEDIA company. You can click on the highlighted link Home Control Works to read about us. You can also check out our certifications.

CEDIA is also an organization that relies on its members to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to education. I have personally served as a CEDIA Volunteer for over 5 years. I have helped write and produce our latest curriculum on IP Networking. I have taught a number of courses both at regional events and every year at our annual CEDIA Expo including the only IP Networking design course we present entitled “Designing Ethernet Networks.” I also teach courses for CEPro events. I have served in the capacity of Technology Chair for CEDIA Technical University. I continue to serve on our Technology Committee to help develop and refine new courseware as our industry is constantly evolving.

So what’s the BEST way to find THE BEST AV company to work on YOUR baby? Ask someone you trust and check with CEDIA.

What the heck is CEDIA and why should I care?
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