Most of today’s AVRs (Audio Video Receivers) come standard with a second HDMI Output. You can use that output connected to another display to “preview” another source while watching your main display. This could be two sporting events at the same time, a movie on the main display and the evening news on the preview display, or the evening news on the main display and the dog in the back yard on the preview display.

So it’s game day. The problem is your two favorite teams are playing at the SAME TIME! What to do? Which one do I pick? If you have two displays and two media sources (set top box, over-the-air tuner, etc.) that carry both games then you CAN watch both at the same time. Most likely you have a large display (projector, large flat screen TV, video wall) and another display (small display next to the main seating location, another large flat screen TV, a video wall) in your Theater or Media Room. In real-time usually one game is more exciting than the other. The game currently with the most action will be on the same display with it’s sound playing in the room. See something interesting happening in the other game? Simply select the other game on your remote and your golden! Your trusted integrator, hopefully Home Control Works, can set this up for you.

You CAN have your cake and eat it, too! Just give us a call. We’re here to help make game day the best!

Do you need a Preview Monitor and what is it?
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