It’s no accident that Home Control Works are experts at what we do. We come from an engineering background. We approach projects from an engineering perspective. Our founder sets the pace, the quality, expectations, and our customer-focused operations. Our affiliation with CEDIA, our industry professional organization, shows that we not only invest in our business with training and certifications but we contribute to the Greater Good of our industry by teaching, advising, and writing courseware.

Before we suggest a solution to any of our customers we evaluate products for their effectiveness, appropriateness, reliability, ease of use, and value. If a product does not measure up, we don’t offer it to our customers. Period. In our experience approximately 30-40% of the products we evaluate don’t make the cut. In an effort to make our industry better we Beta Test new products and product improvements from a number of manufacturers in our industry. This allows us to contribute to our manufacturer’s success which translates into better products for our customers. It also gives us a cutting-edge view of what direction our industry is moving in with respect to both products and services.

We are here because we have a passion for useable technology. Not all technology is friendly or even useable. That’s why we vet the products and services we offer. Our mission is to share that knowledge with our customers to enrich their lives. Our co-mission is to contribute to our industry to make our industry stronger, which again benefits our customers. Our customers can leverage our expertise in a number of ways from Design, Build, Consulting, and Project Management.

So what about giving back? Why? We give back to our industry to help make it stronger. We give back to various charitable organizations because we believe in their missions. Want to make your day as well as someone else’s day? Find a way to give back. You’ll never regret it. Trust in Karma, or whatever you call doing things for the right reason. Lift someone up today. In doing so you will be lifted yourself. Enjoy the day.

Why We’re Experts and Why We Give Back
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