We care. It’s that simple. When we take on a new customer our focus is on getting to know our new family so we can best serve their needs. We EXPECT to have a long term relationship with all of our customers.

Our goal is to make our customer’s lives easier. Let me explain. When you have questions about your security system all you need to do is call. The person who installed your system is the person you will speak with. You know us. We know you. Simple.

How many times have you called a large provider for security, TV, phone or internet only to be subjected to a huge selection of phone tree options, put on hold, and eventually allowed to speak with an “account executive” who has no idea who you are. How much time have you wasted on the phone? How much time have you wasted waiting for a service person to show up? Simple? NOT!

So why am I specifically picking on ADT? Personal experience. We just replaced another ADT system. One of those $99 deals that cost an arm and a leg every month. The system we replaced was never “finished”. The default program for many alarm system consists of 8 zones. This customer had 3 zones, but saw the default 8. The default zone names are “Zone 1”, “Zone 2”, etc. This customer’s zones were never renamed to reflect their zones such as “Front Door”, “Back Door”, etc. These are just the obvious problems dating back to the original ADT installation.

We take the security of you and your family as seriously as our own. Call us. We will show you have we can make your home work for you!

Why our burglar alarms are better than ADT

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