At Home Control Works we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the very best solutions to address all of our customer’s needs. From a full dedicated home theater to a smart home security system we provide solutions that are easy to use and address your specific needs as a family.

New industry research from Icontrol Networks found exceptionally high satisfaction among customers who opted for a do-it-for-me (DIFM) smart home solution. Icontrol Networks’ DIFM Smart Home Survey revealed more than 96 percent of respondents report they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their systems. Beyond satisfaction, those with professionally-installed solutions feel the cost is justified: approximately 96 percent said they would purchase their systems again and 98 percent would still opt for professional installation today.

The report also found that security and peace-of-mind reign supreme during the decision making process and are top motivating factors for customer retention, with general security concerns and specific security events being the top reasons most people purchase a system in the first place. Smart home security features also remained popular over time among those surveyed, with approximately 70 percent of total respondents using security system arming/disarming, video cameras, and door lock control once a week or more.

Read the complete article from Electronic House, The Do-it-for-Me Approach to Having a Smart Home.

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The Do-it-for-Me Approach to Having a Smart Home
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