We can provide complete design services for your project, be it Residential or Commercial. We can provide a formal Bid Specification for projects that require one, or we can provide Design Documents that specify how the project is to be built. We can provide Designs at any and all levels of your project: Hardware, Components, Sub-Systems and Software.

Please understand that at Home Control Works our approach to design is based on our engineering background. Our designs are based on requirements that we define based on your desires, your budget, and our vast experience with technology that is both proven and reliable.

Your Desires & Budget

Very few of our clients know exactly what they want in terms of products & features. Most have some idea of what they want to see as a result of the application of technology. All know why they reach out to us! Based on your needs, your vision, and your budget we can guide you through the process of making your vision a reality.

You Will Always Get….

  • Respect of your time & budget
  • An engineered approach to your vision
  • Solutions that meet your needs

You Will Never Get….

  • A runaround when it comes to your time, budget, vision, preferences and priorities
  • A One-Size-Fits-All solution because it’s easier for us, that’s all we sell, or we take more of your money in doing so
  • A cut & run approach to your business
  • Pressured to sign the deal

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Your long-term business is always our goal. We consider the relationship with our clients to always be collaborative, mutually respectful, professional, and fun! While prerequisite to business is profit, we do what we do because we genuinely love what we do and we love the wonderful people we meet along the way.

The products and solutions we recommend have been vetted by us. One way to put it is, “We eat our own dog food.” We live with the products we recommend. Approximately 30% of the products we test you will never see. Not that they don’t work, they don’t work well enough to offer to our clients. About 5-10% of the products we test hardly work at all! We save both your money and frustration by never exposing you to any of these products.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Our desire is to deploy the appropriate technological solutions to both make your life easier, more productive, and more fun!

Call for a consultation today! We can show you how we can help you achieve your Design goals.