Our clients find the way we work to be very refreshing. We love what we do and we exist to serve you! Our company mantra is “Customer for Life.” Many of our customers are second and third generation! Our goal is to be your personal source for all of your technology needs: education, products, and services. If we can’t provide exactly what you need we will help you to find a solution that meets your needs. Trust is always a two-way street. Our highest level of achievement is to become your Trusted Adviser.

We routinely provide complete turnkey systems for our residential and commercial clients. Delivering a turnkey system involves a whole array of processes. We have the ability to provide any of these processes separately. We can provide Consulting, Design, Build, and Project Management assistance as needed. Our goal is always to provide exactly the right products and services that our clients need. We will never sell you anything that you don’t need. With Home Control Works you are always in control!

So you consider yourself a Do-It-Your-Self person. Welcome! We have assisted many of our clients who enjoy doing the work themselves but are not sure where to start. We can assist you at the very beginning, the conceptualization phase of your project. This is a key phase. Here you will make Design and Implementation decisions that will either help or hinder the overall outcome of your project. Just like when designing a product, making correct decisions early on can prevent costly re-work down the road. Bad decisions made early on cost the most! Let us assist you in establishing an optimal path to your dream project!

In addition to conceptualization we can assist you in procuring products and service that will both meet your needs and save you money in the long run. Often we can provide products that are a much better fit than what you will find shopping on the internet. Finding products that fit the first time saves time and money. We live in this industry. We are privy to many, many products that the average person has no concept of. We have relationships with many manufacturers so we not only know what is possible but we know what is coming down the road. We have relationships with many service providers that meet our standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Do it right the first time. Give us a call!

Here’s an example of process flow for most of our projects.

This is the initial phase of a project. We will provide guidance as to design options for current and future requirements planning. Creating a master plan ensures all requirements will be met both now and in the future. Changes at this stage are the most cost-effective.

Based on the requirements of the master plan we will produce a design plan including material lists, diagrams, controller mock-ups, and cost projections based on selected and anticipated options. In the event we are not implementing your design we can aid in the vendor selection and qualification process.

During the rough-in phase we will install all low-voltage cabling and back boxes. Changes at this phase can still be cost effective.

During or immediately after the Pre-wire phase we will certify the integrity and measure bandwidth on all cabling systems. Verification is critical to ensuring the specified cabling meets or exceeds equipment manufacturers’ requirements, ensuring a trouble-free and reliable installation.

This is the phase where the specified and pre-integrated equipment is installed in the residence. Whether new construction or remodel, we’ll treat your house like it were ours.

With all systems installed, this is the last phase before turning the system over to the home owner.

Should your system require service, rest assured we are ready to meet your needs by providing warranty, extended warranty, and post-warranty service. We believe that great service is a precious commodity and we would like the chance to prove to you that we are the best at what we do.