We continue to track stuff like this (engadget article – Wink Hub smart home platform ). I’ve been on the PDC (CEDIA Professional Development Committee) as Technical Chair for a few years now. It’s interesting to see all of the disruptive (in a good way) technologies coming into play. Hard to say which ones will stick.

We’ve had our share of rising stars that crashed and burned. Some ahead of their time. Some solutions that needed a problem. Some just badly implemented. One thing is constant. The average person quickly becomes frustrated with anything that doesn’t work as reliably and intuitively as a light switch. It must be simple (intuitive) and reliable.

We continue to have traction with iPad and iPhone (Crestron , RTI , SONOS) apps for control, usually when backed-up with a dedicated remote control for critical parts of the system. Apple IOS devices aren’t perfect but they are relatively inexpensive, sexy and ubiquitous. Most people will put up with a little quirkiness because it’s “free”; a value-add to the phone or tablet they already have.

Speaking of apps. Do you like to grill? If you don’t have one of these, assuming you have an iPhone, you need one: iGrill temperature monitor. I’ve had the original for a year or so. Very cool. Good range and the temperature plot provides a much more reliable indication of correct probe placement and how the food is actually cooking. Besides that, it’s sexy.

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Home Automation – Wink Hub

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