Instead of fighting traffic, parking and crowds, you have friends and family over and watch a movie in your home theater. You know that when done well, a home movie theater delivers all the impact of commercial theater… without the sticky floors!

Take your theater to the next level with a high definition movie server. Unlike watching streaming services like Netflix, movies really come alive with Blu-ray level picture quality and digital surround sound.

Our movie servers never compress the data and provide a full bit-for-bit copy of everything on the original DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Streaming services, even high definition ones, have to compress the data to be able to get it to your home and there is a big difference in video and especially the audio quality. Blu-ray movies can easily reach 50GB of data, that just cannot be easily streamed to residential homes.

Collecting and watching high quality motion pictures from your own server is a bit like having a wine cellar or a collection of art that you can appreciate and share with your friends. Make it a special night by pairing our movie servers with a quality projector or flat panel home theater system!

Contact Home Control Works and let us show you how we can make your home work for you!

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It’s movie night… the end of a long week.
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